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soil sifter

Testimonials From Our Customers

Here are a few testimonials from recent satisfied customers (please send us yours, or even your complaints, using "Our Email Contact" above):

A YouTube video featuring one of our customers receiving a Soil Sifter as a gift!

I received my sifter today and am very pleased. It is well made and a good value for someone like me who canít build one.

We just ordered some of your soil sifters here at our school for an Earth Week Activity. I just wanted to tell you that they are absolutely perfect and so wonderful! Thanks for the beautiful work you do! I am positive our students will really enjoy them!

I received the soil sifter quickly after ordering it on-line. It is exactly what I was looking for. I knew I could built one myself (for a lot less money), but I wanted one that was already built. Although I don't have a wheel barrow yet I just set the sifter over a round recycle barrel and put my mixture of dirt, sticks and leaves over the round spot and the good loose dirt fell through. I just moved the mixture around with my gloved hands and picked up and dropped handfuls over the hole. The sifter worked perfect and I'm very happy with it.

I love my Soil Sifter. My property is a 4.5-acre woodland. I have many trees (and tons of leaves). I put my food compost and clippings in the leaf piles and let the worms do their work. I then use the sifter to create "black gold." I use the finished product on my native plant garden. (Not enough sun for a veggie garden.) My sister will be ordering one for next season. I have a gardener that comes every now and then to help with the heavy work and he is so impressed with the finished product. He said I should bag it, sell it, and buy a Lexus. Thank you so much for this wonderful creation. I received the sifter within 2-3 days of your post. It was in perfect condition. I set up a work station. Two old thick logs, put an old huge bird cage door on the logs, the sifter on top of that and then a tarp underneath to collect the compost. I sit on a stool and pretend I'm playing a harp. "Life is Good."
New York

I like it for smaller jobs. The soil I am working with has too many rocks for the fine grid on the Soil Sifter (Mini B). I put wheelbarrow handles on both sides of it with the base of the handles just pass one edge of the sifter allowing me to drill holes for a pivot axle. Mounted that onto an “A” frame with the pivot in the middle. Put two stop rods just below the pivot point on both sides of the “A” frame just above the height of the wheelbarrow. Put the rocky dirt on one side and shake the dirt through the rocks into the wheelbarrow, dump the good dirt, then bring the wheelbarrow in from the other side and then flip it over with the rocks into the wheelbarrow. I got it delivered very quickly without a scratch on it.

I'm glad I got the mini version - it works fine. I'm using it to remove river rock from a portion of my landscape. It's real work, but I have no complaints about your product or service.

Great tool to have if you're into any type of gardening. My vegetable garden will be stone free this year. Have you thought about marketing this through Home Depot or Lowe's? I think Soil sifters would do really well. My neighbor has already askedme if she could borrow mine this spring.

Used it to sift my finished compost and for many other projects. Worked great.

I LOVED it. I had created a makeshift one with chicken wire over a bucket earlier before I found out about your company; mine worked, but it was clunky. {The one] I ordered worked and I was so happy to get it . It made the work so easy! I also loved the fact that it had handles. Thank you so much!

It has proven to be well made and sturdy. Quite happy with it!

The pail sifter works like a charm. As a matter of fact, I was using it about the exact minute your email came through! You must have known! I really like the brackets, too... that is really a nice touch and keeps it in place. The job went quickly and I think it will really be a great addition to your line-up for people with smaller garden needs. When I get some money ahead, I'm going to order two more for yard jobs for me and my daughter. Good job!

I use our Soil Sifter Pail Buddy all the time. The construction of the unit is great. Living in this rocky soil it has helped our situation tremendously. If I still had a wheelbarrow, I definitely would have the larger unit.

I am very happy with my Soil Sifter. It was very easy to assemble and fits perfectly over my garden wagon. Right now I am using it as a drying rack for garlic but plan to use it to sift compost in the Fall. It is very sturdy and Iím sure I will not have any problem using it. I think it is a very good value for the price.

Very nicely made! Purchased it for metal detecting and will highly recommend The Soil Sifter to anyone else looking for same kind of item. Thank you for a high quality product that I could not make myself that was reasonably priced!
West Virginia

Very easy to use even for a middle aged woman. The compost is fine, I'm very glad to have it. Thank you.

I received the soil sifter last night and can tell you it's perfect! I love it! It will make my job of sifting the soil so much easier. Thank you SO much!

We received our soil sifter today, and I wanted to let you know how very happy we were with our purchase. My husband has been using a sifter that his grandfather made over 80 years ago, and, although it is very worse for wear, he refused to replace it. Your sifter is very well built, and, so much lighter than his grandfather's that my husband couldn't wait to go out and test it! Thank you for putting such a big smile on his face!
South Carolina

I had a chance to try out the large sifter with my wheelbarrow. It worked splendidly. I was impressed by how well it was finished. The soil I was sifting was full of rocks of various sizes and weeds. the sifter kept them out and did not harm the worms that I was able to put back in the wheelbarrow. Altogether, I am very satisfied and my garden thanks you as well.
New York

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