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The Soil Sifter

Recommended Gardening Sites

Perfect Plants Nursery
A family-owned and operated online mail-order plant nursery based out of North Florida that strives to offer customers exactly what their company name suggests: The Perfect Plant! Since they are so involved in the growing of the plants on a daily basis, they can vouch for the quality of every plant purchased from them.

Garden Tower Project
Vertical organic patio farming made simple -- The Garden Tower uses natural technology to supercharge modern container gardening. The Garden Tower is the only planter system which integrates composting and nutrient recycling turning kitchen scraps to organic veggies!

Garden Tower Project

Plants by Mail
An online garden center with a wide selection of flowering shrubs, evergreens, groundcovers and ornamental plants, delivered to your door.

Arber is the first of its kind plant wellness company dedicated to helping both our planet and people thrive. Their premier line of biologicals safely and efficaciously sustain all green spaces; while their products benefit plants, soil, and Mother Nature - she needs our help!

High Mowing Organic Seeds
High Mowing Organic Seeds began in 1996 with just 28 varieties, many of which originated in founder Tom Stearns’ backyard in northern Vermont. What started as a one-man operation is now a thriving business with over 700 varieties of 100% certified organic, non-GMO vegetable, herb and flower seed.

For Growers & Gardeners from High Mowing Organic Seeds

Gilbert H. Wild & Son
For over 138 years Gilbert H. Wild has sold perennial flowers direct to consumers in the lower 48 states. They offer exceptional flowers you can't find at the hardware store.

Alabama Sawyer
Alabama Sawyer designs modern, environmentally sustainable products from fallen trees in the Birmingham, Alabama area. They have diverted hundreds of logs from the landfill.

Alabama Sawyer Logo

A patent-pending trash bag holder developed by Green Comfort Innovations to improve the recycling process by making household and waste management just about anywhere effortless.

Grow and Make
A unique site that will help you grow and/or make many things that will be useful in your garden and around your house!

Urban Leaf
Urban Leaf specializes in beginner and apartment-friendly edible indoor gardening kits. They offer both hydroponic (soil-free) and soil-based kits, that enable consumers to experience the joy and satisfaction of growing their own food - even if they live in an urban area.

Lush & Dew
This online retailer offers seed, easy grow kits and gardening essentials in the United States. Seed is always 100% pure and Non-GMO. They also offer a diverse selection of planting grow kit and rare plants. Their helpful planting guides, video tutorials, and other resources ensure customer success!

Easy Planting, Easy Growing

Bootstrap Farmer
A growing inventory of DIY greenhouse products including greenhouse kits, grow bags, vacuum seeders, grow lights, wiggle wire, seed trays, and melon nets. They are adding new products and categories regularly and are committed to keeping everything in stock.

23 DIY Garden Tools You Can Make from Household Items
From Better Homes and Gardens -- everything from milk cartons to newspapers to chopsticks!

The Spruce
A comprehensive and useful site for gardeners.

National Gardening Association
A nonprofit leader in plant-based education, serving a national audience with timely materials designed to foster an appreciation for the benefits of gardening. Lot of great information here!

Dave's Garden
A favorite site for gardeners around the world, articles and videos show you how to start seeds and learn how to make a garden. Members can chat with other gardeners in forums, and learn how to identify plants, pests, birds and butterflies.

Please note: Some of the merchants listed above may offer The Soil Sifter small commissions on products sold. But all recommendations are made based on the quality of the products and the companies. Please let us know if you encounter any problems.