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The Gorilla Screen Jumbo

The Gorilla Screen Jumbo is designed specifically for use with the popular Gorilla Cart plastic dump cart newer models, with lengths of 39" or greater. (If you have one of the shorter Gorilla Carts, such as the GOR200, you will want to order the regular Gorilla Screen.) It can be modified for use with other similar carts, using six adjustable metal brackets (included). The screen is approximately 39" x 27", and the frame fits securely on top of the cart. Be sure to measure the dimensions before you order. We recommend this cart (which can be purchased elsewhere for around $70) if you have some more extensive landscaping projects. You may even want to buy the cart just so you can use the Gorilla Screen Jumbo with it! Because of the additional material required to make it, plus additional shipping costs, the price of the Gorilla Screen Jumbo is $59.95, plus $70.00 FedEx shipping. You can also order it with four 6" legs, to be ordered separately, but included in the same cart. Order below, or return to our home page for more models if this isn't exactly what you want. Use the drop-down box to specify screen size. You can order most of the Soil Sifters with a coarser (1/2") or finer (1/8") screen, each for an additional $5 charge (because the odd-sized screen has to be special ordered and is not purchased at a quantity savings like the 1/4"). We do NOT recommend either the 1/2" (lets too much material through) or the 1/8" (not quite sturdy enough) for normal sifting of garden soil, but they may be perfect for other purposes. Be sure you know what you really want before ordering. To order using PayPal or a credit card, please use the "Add to Cart" button (shipping is included in your cost; a refund will be issued if you order more than one item and the shipping cost is substantially lower). When you check out, include your shipping telephone number under the "special instructions to the seller" section, since the billing company does not always share this information with us, and it is required for shipping:


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PAINTING AND VARNISHING are unavailable due to facilities issues. However, you can certainly add a finish to yours after you receive it if you like. All Soil Sifters are made from unfinished #2 pine, galvanized hardware cloth, #6 screws and 4d/3d finish nails, with some finish sanding on the corners.

SHIPPING is by Federal Express, and usually takes only a few days, depending on where you are located. All Sifters are made to order, which can take anywhere from a day to a week, depending upon how busy I am and if I have raw materials on hand. In any case, if you order on Thursday or Friday, your order may not be shipped until the following Monday. In other words, if you need your Sifter in less than a week or so, please let me know and I'll do my best, but there are no guarantees.

SHIPPING COSTS (Federal Express) are included in the price of each item. (It is an average cost, not an exact shipping cost, and includes the cost of the box and packing material.) If you order more than one item, you may receive a shipping rebate depending upon whether or not more than one Sifter can be shipped in a single package. Larger quantities of the same item may be shipped at a greater discount. Please email us for more information before ordering. If you plan to order three Sifters of three different sizes, please take a look at our specially priced Combo Package.

Before you order, you might want to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. Read a few testimonials from satisfied customers. And take a look at some before and after photos of our own experience with this tool. Plus, be sure to check out the other versions listed on the home page, many of them less expensive and in smaller sizes to fit your needs. We can even make you a custom Sifter if you have another idea. (That's where many of our newer models came from.) Be sure to email us with your needs or any questions.

If for some reason you prefer not to use PayPal to place an order, or are unable to do so, email us at postmaster@thesoilsifter.com and tell us which products you want and where you live so we can give you a price and alternative payment method. We cannot accept credit cards directly, however, but you may also pay by certified check or money order. There is no obligation until you pay, of course!

Have any other questions? Email us at postmaster@thesoilsifter.com. We do not take orders over the phone or answer questions other than through email, but we'll answer as quickly as possible.

Bookmark our home page and come back again any time: http://www.thesoilsifter.com. Or check out our affiliated gardening sites by clicking on the links below.

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