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New Adjustable Brackets

adjustable bracket

Several Soil Sifter models, including the Original, The Compact, the Gorilla Screen, the Pail Buddy, the Pail Buddy II, and the Roughnecker, are now designed to be held in place by several adjustable metal brackets arranged so that the Original and the Compact will fit snugly on a wheelbarrow measuring anywhere from 41" to 36" in length, and 33" to 26" in width. While the Gorilla Screen fits the Model GOR200 Gorilla Cart, there are other similar garden carts which have different dimensions, and the Gorilla Screen will fit most of them when the brackets are adjusted. The Roughnecker was originally designed for the Rubbermaid Roughneck bin, but with the brackets, it will also fit on other storage bins or recycling bins. Same with the Pail Buddy and Pail Buddy II. You can adjust or remove the brackets if your wheelbarrow or bin is a different size, of course. But our design should work as-is in almost all cases. You'll need a screwdriver (a power driver is best) and possibly a measuring tape. If you already own a Soil Sifter, please email us regarding the possibility of ordering a set of adjustable brackets you can attach yourself.

The brackets we are currently using were actually designed as roof truss clips! However, they are perfect for our needs, and because we don't have to create a custom design, we can include them at no extra charge. Read more about them here.

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